Floating Wire Mesh Buddha Sculpture for Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London


'TRANSPOSE' is a floating Bronze-mesh Buddha figure, dimensions 175 x 110 x 100 cm, made from a single sheet of bronze mesh and transformed into an expressive, dynamic balance of power an dignity. An intriguing harmony of naked skin and drape with a special emphasis on the transcendental nature of the Buddha: a powerful dynamic fusion of the sculpture and its shadow projected onto and into the screen behind.
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The projected shadow emerges through the glass screen. The composition created is encapsulated as a separate artwork in itself and is the first experience of the sculpture as you enter the Buddha-Bar.
The lighting is designed to create an abstract multi-layered shadow image and to be hypnotic, repetitive and obsessive – a quality currently to be experienced in contemporary chill-out music and club music worldwide.


Wall-mounted brass sculpture for Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London


A magnificent metal curtain, comprised of 207 transparent Brass Buddha elements, 378 x 252 cm, in tune with the brass elements and finishing detail that is a theme throughout at Buddha-Bar, Knightsbridge, London, fabulously conceived by architects Tibbats and Abel.

Available Sculpture - Collector Pieces


There has been significant interest in the small Brass Buddha figure, dimensions 25 x 15 cm, so I contemplated a limited edition, either mounted, suspended or framed. If you are interested in an unusual collector's item, please drop me a line. Also available is a few Buddha maquette and a Buddha Head study:

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bronze-mesh-sculpture of a Buddha Face by David Begbie, scullptor in wiremesh
Suspended Buddha figure in Steelmesh
Dimension: 61 x 33 x 16 cm.
Unique, stock no. 12028.
Small flat panel brass sculpture, available in a choice of three colour finishes - brass, black or red-oxide.
Brass panel, half-transparent, on metal base, dimension: 25 x 15 cm.
Overall dimensions with base: 32 x 17.5 cm, base depth 8 cm.

Only a few editions left.
Each one is an identical element to those originally created for the Buddha Bar brass curtain sculpture TRANSCEND.
Suspended Buddha face in Bronzemesh
Dimension: 51 x 37 x 20 cm.
Unique, stock no. 13003.