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New Sculpture 2015 - Fluorescent Torsi in bronze wire-mesh

red torso of a girl in transparent meshBronze-Mesh-sculpture-of-a-male-torso-fluorescent-colour-David-Begbie-Studio-webWiremesh-sculpture-female-torsos-fluorescent-770-web
In progress: a new series of suspended or wall-mounted torsos - in fluorescent colours.
2 different sizes are available at the studio now before they will be travelling to International art exhibitions. Enquire about availability or ask for more photos here
A female torso series in bronzemesh approx. 65 cm is available in fluorescent red, neon blue, green, orange and lime-yellow: £7,500.00 incl. VAT each.
A life-size torso in approx. 85 cm height is available in fluorescent red, In neon blue, green, orange and lime-yellow: £9,600.00 incl. VAT each.
I am working also on a male torso - ask for photos of work in progress

See all images on page Suspended Sculpture

Private Commission of a double torso

Many thanks to interior designer Nayla Khoury, iye>art, Lebanon, for sharing images of “TUSO 2012” in situ: a double torso composition, private commission.



Recent Work

Open a pdf catalogue with recent 50 cm figure sculptures here:



I am happy to confirm the genuine character of a few artworks from earlier years but available for sale.

If you are interested to purchase one of these sculptures please get in touch with me and I can provide details, dimensions and a contact to the owner.
One particular owner I’d like to name is late Frankie Vaughan, all images of earlier work are here.


A few ‘Begbie’ owners you might know:

Giorgio Armani
Michael Barrymore
Budha Bar, London
Eric Clapton
Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear / BBC)
Harvey Goldsmith (promoter)
George Leventis
Emily Maitlis (BBC News Night)
Debbie Moore (Pineapple Dance studios)
Vidal Sassoon (Haircare Ltd.)
Martina Navratilova
Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran)
Sir Clive Sinclair (C5 car)
Frankie Vaughan (late)

Examples of Corporate Owners

‘BLIND FAITH‘ Brochure 1994

A new digitalised brochure (PDF) of my early steelmesh works is online:
“BLIND FAITH” 1994, 17 pages:


New Sculpture November 2013

Finished 13th of November: A male and female back composition SOLUS 2013 (copper colour finish, height 50 cm) in different types of lighting. More of the fine sculpture detail become visible in the shadow image with projected lighting, exploring the male and female character. Contact me for larger images and prices.


New sculpture SINTIMATES 2013

Finished in June 2013 - a triple female front sculpture in black finished steel mesh, 51 cm high, see more images
This item is sold.

New sculpture PNUDIS 2013

Finished in June 2013 - a suspended female torso in red oxide finished steel mesh, 64 cm high, see more images